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About us

«Versailles» is a cozy cafe for family celebrations and corporate events. The cafe is distinguished by a celebratory and at the same time casual atmosphere, as well as by delicious home cooking and high level of service. Also, one of the areas of the cafe is a lunch menu.


The interior of the cafe «Versailles» is made in a classic style with French motifs. The design is dominated by light colors highlighted by gold-plated elements and plasterwork. The emphasis in the decor is made on paintings and crystal chandeliers. The ambiance in the cafe is cozy and festive.


The menu of the cafe «Versailles» represented by a simple home Belarusian cuisine with a focus on a European taste. Our chefs cook according to time-tested classic recipes and offer guests familiar and favorite dishes.

Lunch menu

Lunch menu in the cafe «Versailles» is available on weekdays from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. At this time, we offer a rather wide selection of dishes: 4-7 dishes for cold snacks, 5-8 of hot dishes, 4 side dishes. There are also pastries and bread of our own production. The lunch menu is updated every day. In addition, you can order lunch takeout.

Banquet service

The cafe «Versailles» can comfortably accommodate up to 60 guests during the Banquet. In addition, we are ready to serve small companies of 15-20 people. The spacious hall of the geometrically correct form allows to place tables according to client's request, also there is a place for a dance floor and performers.

Special Offers

The cafe «Versailles» constantly has various special offers that periodically replace each other. Regular customers receive a discount of 5-10% during the banquets.

«Versailles». A Home Cooking at «Delicious» Prices.





Hello! I went to my sister's wedding in a beautiful place. There is an excellent service, I would like to thank Tatiana and Dmitry. They are very attentive, correct and polite! We were offered wonderful dishes, which was very tasty. Thank you so much again for the perfect service!)
On 17 November 2018 we were celebrating here the anniversary. We were pleased with everything. Good kitchen, friendly staff. I would also like to address words of gratitude to director Artur Yurievich and to the whole team. Thank you very much!
We celebrated in this cafe anniversary 15.09.2018. We were very satisfied with beautiful interior, cozy atmosphere,delicious cuisine and fast service. Many thanks to restaurant owner Arthur and administrator Tatyana for carrying out this event!
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Akademiya nauk
Belarusian, European
Lunch menu, Vegetarian menu, Salad, Children's menu, Seafood, Steaks, Barbecue, Pilaf, Soup, Pies, Draniki, Hot snack
Free Wi-fi, Parking, Pay by credit card

Address cafe «Versailles»

Minsk, Surganova st., 6
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